Monday, May 12, 2014

Chasing Life After Squirrels to the Nuts Rob the Mob Composer Stephen Endelman is Still the Man

Meeting, composer, producer, musician and arranger, Stephen Endelman, was to say the least, effectively mysterious. The man has a deep love of humanity, which is undeniably creative, absorptive, and kind. This same depth resonates in his voice, the movement of his hands and in the sensitivity of his eyes. The tone and quality of his productions and his musicianship, is as reflective as are his compositions. His love of instruments hides beneath that boyish grin and shapes a confident style, which comes to him, as easily as, drinking a cool glass of water on a summer day.
Endelman, British born, spending his entire youth in London, somehow in 1992, found his way to New York. He had the opportunity to work with Robert DeNiro on an independent film, called, “A Bronx Tale.” If you know of Endelman’s work, DeNiro seized a sensitive love tale that outlined racial prejudice between Bronx born Italians and the Blacks in the hood. When two of the hood’s youth become emotionally entangled, they take an, against all odds, love conquers all, stance. Stephen’s re-uniting with longtime Miramax bud, “Rob the Mob” director, Raymond De Felitta, shows standard truths, that all hold equal sharing of back and forth ideas, between, composer and director. Endelman and DeFelitta often use Stephen’s Los Angeles based studio, rather than using the music-temping process. The decision to use the studio cuts down on production time and most of all helps to maintain a solid, yet reasonable budget.  Scores by the magic duo, often share a soft and wistful  side of Endelman.  In the case of choosing action suggestive percussion, Endelman visited a prison cell, where he mixed authentic sounds from the flipping of a toilet seat , and the slamming of a cell door to the scraping of prison bars.

Much of that same musical, eclectic style translates into his current television, ABC drama, “Chasing Life. Stephen chats up, the main character of the movie, 23 year old, April, played by Italia Ricci. It seems that the Boston Globe’s new, journalist-reporter takes a blood test and is devastated to find that she has a rare form of cancer. Using a clever mix of light-hearted sounds, some comedy and a bit of drama, Endelman’s scoring for this fun filled family dram-com, is sure to bring some serious attention to matters of the heart, mind and spirit of the matter.  “Chasing Life” airs on ABC Family, June 10. 9/8c.

In addition to television and film, Stephen Endelman’s,multi-layered personality, lends his talent and resources to helping young veterans learn film, and camera work.  The skilled Clarinet player understands the need for mentors for the young, and strongly supports such community programs. His own brush with brain cancer, secures his place as an authority on how to merge music, images, and its spiritual fortitude to bend and shape destiny. He is of the opinion that music and sound, may in fact, offer an emotional shield against life’s often-harsh circumstances. 

Judging from his very positive outlook on life, he could very well, in fact,be right. Other films by the talented composer include, “The Englishman Who Went up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain”, Household Saints”, David O’ Russell’s, Flirting with Disaster, David Mamet, Redbelt and Bruce Beresford’s, Evelyn. 

His soundtrack produced, compilation of Cole Porter tunes, earned a Grammy nomination, for the Irwin Winkler directed, De-Lovely.

For more information on Stephen Endelman , and contact Albert Tello, Costa Communications, Inc., 8265 W. Sunset Blvd.  Ste.201, Los Angeles,  CA 90046, (323) 650-3588

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ahmanson’s Porgy & Bess Premiere Draws Diversity Celebs and Re-Creates Cultural History of America

Yes, I know, what you’re thinking, if you’ve seen them once, you’ve seen them all. That age, old story, boy meets girl in need of help, girl meets boy, who is more than willing to help girl. Porgy and Bess an old classic staged in the most elegant of settings, the Ahmanson. The present cast of Porgy and Bess, could do no wrong, receiving loud claps from all sides of the room. The audience filled up with the young, not so young, black, white and all shades in between. Some Los Angeles based celebrities, elegantly graced a blue-ti-fully colored Porgy and Bess backdrop stretched on the outside wall of the venue. Actress, Angela Bassett, with beau, actor, Courtney Vance, laughed and both were tickled with catch up conversations held outside and in and around the theater, while guest vocalist like, Freda Payne spoke candidly with local ABC News anchorman about the performance. Other Hollywood attendees included, Kiki Shephard, Kym Whitley, Briana Michole White, David Talbert, Keith David, Mike Medavoy, Darrin Henson, Brenda Strong and Diane Paulus, to name a few. Check out, Stones in the Color of Rare Blog to read the full story. Enjoy

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

15 Minutes the Show


Hey, what’s up everybody, I’m Osiris, writer for the Culver City News, Ankh Entertainment’s Stones in the Color of Rare blog and your host of the weekly show, 15 Minutes. Each week all I’ll need is 15 minutes, to talk openly and honestly about the latest LA trends, the famous people who wear them, what turns their heads, fills their minds and keeps us all heated up. Let me take you on a sensual yet intellectual ride while we talk about the things that matter the most, when it comes to who, what, why, how and where we find truth. 

So grab your Starbucks, roll down your windows and follow me while we hit the streets and make conversation with LA’ ist and go where no other interviewer has ever gone before. Come now child lets go and see who we can find to talk up the time in just 15 minutes. After all you know what they say, "everybody’s famous for 15 minutes".
            Oscar nominated Nebraska actress June Squibb

l-r Actors Gang Theatre Director Keythe Farley, Brian T. Finney and Tim Robbins

                                            Half of A Yellow Sun actor Anika Noni Rose and Nigerian director Biyi Bandele